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Kate Arnold

Kate Arnold

Kate is President of SLA (Special Libraries Association)
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Kate is President of SLA (Special Libraries Association), a global organization of information professionals and their strategic partners. She has over 25 years’ experience of information and library work in a variety of sectors ranging from the media (BBC) to the health service (NHS). She is currently Information and Support Programme Lead at Macmillan Cancer Support.

Beyond Borders – the benefits of SLA membership

Globalisation impacts us all in everything we do on a daily basis. In order to succeed in business now it’s important to be able to move seamlessly and smoothly across cultures and information resources. As such information professionals have important roles to play in the development of knowledge based economies around the world. Who helps information professionals to connect and share best practice, learn about new developments in the profession and debate current trends occurring around the world?

For over 50 years the Special Libraries Association (SLA) has been supporting information professionals across the world by offering networking and learning opportunities. This talk explores how SLA has developed as the premiere international association for information professionals and looks at the benefits of membership.

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