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About 21st Annual Conference

The Internet and the Positive Change to Librarians and Information Professionals: Creating Real Future Impact

Librarians and Information professionals undertake the technological change and the Internet applications as by product. They are sympathized and intellectually oriented according to current information markets, if things change they are obliged to change too for survival. Their users are becoming new internet citizens preferring to communicate through their tiny computer that becomes their urgent part to possess and to use, that is the mobile power. Currently most companies are shifting toward developing and upgrading the mobile applications more than what they are really invest in computers and laptops. This is encouraged with the mass storage technology of cloud computing. Basically, information are not more than digital contents flying within the cloud technology all over the global, accessed by smart search engines to hunt the meaningful, relevant and most demanded information through smart mobile medium to their targeted users.

As librarians and information professionals? Where we are? What is our new roles? How will our job be done, our services be introduced, and our future be in the job market? What new competencies and skills should be developed and how they should be acquired and introduced by whom?

It is though the purpose of the 21st annual conference of the SLA/AGC to respond to the above questions through its keynote speaking, plenary sessions, papers presentations, round table discussions, publishers and venders demonstrations, and the widely involved exhibition. As usual, the SLA/AGC intends to arrange for international gathering and knowledge-based-festival.

Important Dates

  1. The Conference Date 17-19/3/2015
  2. Abstracts Deadline 1/10/2014
  3. Response of Acceptance 15/9/2014
  4. Full Paper Deadline 1/12/2014
  5. Response of Acceptance 15/12/2014

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