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Dr. Kevin Ashley

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Dr. Kevin Ashley, Director of Digital Curation Centre (DCC) Dr. Ashley’s career has spanned a number of roles supporting research in organizations with national and international roles. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Ashley and his team developed and delivered training in digital preservation, including the award-winning digital preservation training program (www.dptp.org). He was also a member of the RLG/NARA task force which developed the TRAC methodology for repository audit and was chair of JISC's Repositories and Preservation Advisory Group. As the director of the DCC, Dr. Ashley works to develop capability and capacity for research data curation in UK organizations and to engage internationally in support of that aim.

Keynote Speech:

Libraries as Leaders and Facilitators for Changes in Scholarly Communication Practice

Libraries have played an essential role in scholarship for as long as scholarship itself has been in existence. The creation of future knowledge depends on access to a reliable source of the knowledge of the past and the present. As scholarship became embedded in universities around the globe, so the libraries on which it depends became key parts of those organizations. Technological and social change now mean that the form taken by scholarly communication is itself changing and libraries must change with that. The physical has become digital, and the nature of the communication is not always literary in form - software, data, and methods take equal importance to the article and the book. This has implications for skills, practice and collections management within libraries across the globe.

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