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Corporate Social Responsibility For Libraries


أقرأ هذه الجلسة باللغة العربية

This discussion panel sheds light on Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. It aims to introduce CSR to librarians in the region and let them aware about this new trend. CSR is new managerial approach attracts the attention and interest of private sector, public sector and professionals as well. Since libraries are considered kind of social responsibility due to their contributions to social, educational, cultural and economic aspects, it also have a role in the dissemination of environmental education and increase community awareness of relevant issues.

Through this panel, experts will talk about concept, pillars and recent developments of CSR. From areas of application to standards and guidelines that frame the work of social responsibility in aspects of environment, society, workplace, employees and stakeholders. The relation between libraries and CSR will be covered. In addition to how they can introduce this concept in library objectives and services. And to be morally responsible for their actions and behavior towards society, environment, employees and stakeholders.


  • Raising awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR.
  • Highlighting the role of libraries and their importance in applying CSR initiatives.
  • Sharing knowledge among workers in the field of libraries and CSR.
  • Shed light on best practice.


90 minutes


Emad Abu Eid

Emad is VP of CSR Working Group in Abu Dhabi. He managed CSR project at Abu Dhabi Municipality and He is member of CSR Committee. He contributed to obtain advanced level in application of ISO 26000 as well as obtaining a MVO8000 CSR certificate. He is a Certified Lead Auditor in ISO9001: 2008. He is expert in libraries, community services and social responsibility. His experience exceeds 20 years. He led strategies for public and academic libraries helped in improving internal capabilities and user’s satisfaction. His experience extents across public and academic libraries with hands-on experience across various library aspects. He used to work at Abu Dhabi Municipality as Head of Public Libraries and Community Services Expert. Previously, worked in Dubai Public Library as a library specialist. And he was the Director of Shoman Foundation Public Library, Director of AlZaytoonah University Library in Amman-Jordan. He published two books and more than twenty article, study and conference papers.

Hanin AlTamimi

Founder and Managing partner of ETICA

Hanin holds a Marketing Strategies MA Degree from The University of Wollongong in Dubai and has received her BA Degree in Communications from The University of Jordan. Throughout more than 10 years of experience in Corporate Communications, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility, she worked with the top companies in the private and public sectors.

Additionally, she played a significant role in designing communication strategies and allocating their techniques in activating corporate social responsibility for the companies looking for improving their reputation in addition to obtaining bank credit easily, attracting the best human resources and building strong relationships with governments in order to achieve sustainable development in societies.

Furthermore, Hanin has contributed in a number of workshops and activities concerning the protection of human rights, developing the society, spreading competition among individuals, groups as well as institutions.

Prof Sherif Shaheen

Prof Sherif Shaheen, Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture in Egypt and Chairman of the General Authority of National Library and Documents.

He is professor of Library and Information at Cairo University, Senior Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture in Egypt - Chairman of the General Authority for National Library and Document Management. He holds a master's degree from the School of Library and Information Studies-University of Leeds, England, and a PhD in libraries, documentation and information, Cairo University.

In academic and administrative jobs, He was the Head of Department of libraries, documentation and information at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University (August 2010 - December 2014), Director of the Central Library of the University of Cairo (October 2007-December 2014) and Dean of Faculty of Arts for Community Service (December 2014 - October 2015). Currently, He is Chairman of the National Library (October 2015 to now).

He has taught at many Egyptian universities and King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is Editor in Charge of the Journal of Library and Information and Documentation in Arab World issued by the General Secretariat of the Arab League, a member of many scientific committees and councils, a member of the Academic Council of the Diploma of the Institute of Arabic manuscripts Sciences, a certified arbitrator of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian universities and many Arab universities, a member of the editorial board in many Arab specialized magazines, a Jury member for Egyptian Publishers Association Award in Cairo International Book Fair and a national expert to the World Federation Parliament IPU for the development of information and library sector in the Egyptian Parliament.

Academic supervisor for more than 50 Master and PhD thesis in universities inside and outside Egypt. His intellectual contributions reached 120 works as lectures, reports, articles, researches, books and chapters in books and others. Finally, He awarded Sharjah Library Literature Prize in 2013 and State Incentive Award in Social Science (Library and Information) in Egypt in 2001.

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