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Call for Paper

The comprehensive changes in society, the dramatic advances in technology and movement of globalization of ‘everything’ have already been predicted and recognized, however, there is nowhere left with clear evidences of change more than the profession of library and information sciences. Production, controlling and accessing information is seeing as the current era business and commercial competition. All working under one umbrella, that is : delivery of services to access the most valuable asset of today.

The conference, then, intends to investigate the impact of the competition in both; the advanced technology and the information commodity and services which left the profession and the professionals with many challenges as related to their preparation, job employability, their users' information seeking behavior, top management and employers' image about the profession, the role of the professional associations and the role of the strategic information leadership in the comprehensive development.

Themes of the Conference:

First Theme: Modern trends in library and information education, what we will call ourselves in the future

What responsibilities, the educational departments are carrying to adopt new trends of preparing needed professionals in the job market? Do they consider the knowledge content while changing the names of their programs? Have they ever think of changing the professionals name to fit the change?

Second Theme: Job-market and the profession of library and information science job-employability

Should libraries submit more efforts to compete with the advanced commercial information providers to survive, or cooperate with them to be empowered as a profession? Are professionals prepared to understand their customers, need and be ready to compete with Google and or fast to serve more than the smartphones, tablets and other digital technologies?

Third Theme: Users’ seeking behaviors and the future of information services

No suspect about digital media providers to become the information industry leaders. They compete to make available the friendly access tools to information, books, journals, audio and video media that any single library cannot afford that to users, even traditional circulation is being dominated by electronic format, how will be the future of the library and information institution services to interact with the digital user's seeking behavior.

Fourth Theme: Competing for attention in the digitization age

Are professionals, as information services mediators and research consultants, able to hand needed information to a waiting customer wherever and whenever be?. are they more technologically literate as their customers do?, To compete for attention, professionals need to become guides for information literate participants.

Fifth Theme: The role of national LIS associations in enhancing the professionals role in society

Associations are the professional home that are supposed to accommodate professionals, protect them, getting them together to share knowledge and experience, to advocate laws and regulations that secure their survive in a competed job market.

Sixth Theme: Strategic information leadership: Be ready for change

Being a leader, do professionals have the required competencies, skills and tools to enable them bringing change in their library or information institution? Are they able to recognize the barriers to change and be ready to overcome them? How do they encounter resistance to change whether from top managers or friends at work?

Seventh Theme: National, medical and health libraries as information literacy


Two different groups of users, those who have time and needs to follow up in different areas of knowledge, they seek help and attention with different types of services that should be aligned with their different demands, national libraries might be the information desk that provides them with possible responds. Others are users with increased need to specialized knowledge, but have no time to access it, their needs should be highly respected by medical and health subject knowledge prepared professionals.

The Conference Date

Abstracts Deadline 01/10/2015
Response of Acceptance 15/10/2015
Full Paper Deadline 01/01/2016
Response of Acceptance 15/01/2016


Prof Naeema Jabur
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Abdullah Al-Sarmi
Waleed Al-Badi

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