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Electronic Resources, Library Technology and Discovery


Implementing Discovery layers is a current focus of many libraries. But Discovery is not something that happens in isolation. A successful Discovery implementation depends on the library or libraries implementing sound management processes for both electronic and physical resources and maintaining accurate knowledge bases about their holdings and operations. This panel will discuss a wide variety of factors that impact Discovery, including relations with vendors, institutional communication and structure, maintenance of the online catalog and other library knowledge bases and the level of practice of library technology in the particular institution.

Presented by:

Donna Hanson

Donna is the Associate Director for Collections and Instructional Services at the University of Georgetown in Qatar. Her 20+ years of library experience in 3 different countries ranges from technical services and library systems to collections and instruction. Donna’s main interest is in optimizing the use of library resources: making the discovery process easy and providing the greatest choice of resources. Her ultimate goal is to spend more teaching time on concepts, ideas and search strategies and less time explaining interfaces. Will discovery layers be the answer or yet another tool in the library toolbox?

Robert Frasier

Robert L. Frasier has been the Information Technology Librarian at Zayed University in the U.A.E. since 2009. He has a Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Arizona and a Juris Doctor from Baylor University School of Law. He previously worked as a systems librarian at Western Illinois University and Mercer University. He has been involved in the implementation and maintenance of number of systems that manage ibrary resources.

Thomas Hodge

Is the Assistant University Librarian at the American University of Sharjah. He has managed an implementation III's Encore Discovery and supervised an evaluation of discovery products that lead to a migration to Serials Solutions' Summon platform. His interested include library process design and implementation and all facets of managing electronic resources and metadata.

Brent Searle

Brent is the Library Systems Manager at Langara College in Vancouver, Canada with primary responsibility for library automation and access systems. A member of Langara’s Library Co-ordination, Web, and Discovery Teams, he is an advocate for seamless, immediate, and intuitive access to the full range of the library’s resources. Firmly believing that the most effective way to influence product direction is to be involved during the development stage, Brent continues to promote Langara Library’s ground floor participation whenever possible. Most recently Langara was a development partner for version 1.0 of the Sierra Library Services Platform and a beta partner for Encore ES discovery with EBSCO Discovery Service integration.

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