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Advanced Topics in Licensing & Consortia

Workshop Title: Advanced Topics in Licensing & Consortia


Gulf Hotel, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


10-11 March 2012

Presenter/ Moderator:

Ann Okerson, Center for Research Libraries
Presenters: Terry Bucknell, University of Liverpool
Katherine Perry, Director of the VIVA Consortium
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Language: English

Workshop Description:

In this 2-day workshop, participants will update and build upon previous licensing and consortia basics (for example, at the SLA workshop in Doha, 2008). After a review of key topics and building blocks, the trainers will present, for group learning and discussion (1) advanced and depth work in continuing key areas of concern; and (2) new concepts and issues that have gained attention the last 1-2 years.
Electronic resources are this century's new, major means for providing information to our library users (students, faculty, researchers, and the public). In this environment, business is conducted very differently than for print acquisitions. For each resource, libraries must negotiate and sign contracts that describe all terms of access -- and we have been joining together into collaboratives or consortia to secure the most advantageous possible terms. Licenses/contracts are the legal agreements that express the conditions under which all access will be provided, and they have been an intense area of activity for about a decade. Licensing issues are not static -- while the basic concepts are still valid and important, librarians and suppliers over time identify new areas of focus and concern.
This workshop builds in detail on crucial understandings in areas of pricing, usage data and their deployment for decision-making, appropriate access for library patrons, and perpetual access/preservation. Recent developments will be introduced and discussed in detail: these include e-books; patron-driven acquisitions (PDA); licensing beyond the immediate campus (all the way to global campuses and partners); new business models including open access experiments; assessment; contractual issues related to mobile technologies; and some new types of license language including Authors' Rights.


This workshop will refresh librarians and information providers about the underlying values and concepts of e-resources licensing and will update the group with brand-new ideas that build on and add value to the way in which libraries make key decisions and serve their users over time. The presenters will combine theory and philosophy with practical applications and they particularly welcome participants' experiences, questions, and case studies, which will be discussed in depth. The workshop will be a blend of abstract and day to day realities.


Attendees will conclude the course with new understandings, tools, and techniques that they will apply in their libraries and in their ongoing conversations with users, publishers, and other information providers. For electronic resources, the market is global and the suppliers are global as well. Libraries around the world can and do strengthen each other. This increased level of expertise and sophistication will benefit the librarians in the Gulf *and* in the rest of the world, as we together work in this new environment to secure the best possible terms of engagement and pricing.

Target audience:

The target audience includes staff in academic libraries, information centers, public libraries, and other information centers; educators; electronic information providers of all types; legal staff, funders, government agencies, and anyone working in the e-resources arena and/or interested in being up to date with local and global practices.


Terry Bucknell

Electronic Resources Manager
Sydney Jones Library
Liverpool, L69 3DA, UK
T: +44 (0)151 794 2692
F: +44 (0)151 794 2681
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TERRY BUCKNELL is the Electronic Resources Manager at the University of Liverpool where he manages an extensive collection of e-journals, databases and e-books, as well as the online services, including EBSCO Discovery Service and SFX, through which they are accessed. After acquiring a first degree in Physics from the University of Manchester he gained his MA in Librarianship at the University of Sheffield. He was previously Engineering Librarian at the University of Leeds. Terry has a particular interest in employing usage statistics in the selection and de-selection of electronic resources, and Big Deals in particular. He is a member of the COUNTER Executive Committee and of several publishers’ Library Advisory Boards, and he recently joined the editorial board of Serials Librarian.

Katherine A. Perry

VIVA (The Virtual Library of Virginia)
c/o George Mason University
Fairfax, VA 22030-4444
Phone: 703.993.4654
Fax: 703.993.4662
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
KATHY PERRY is the Director of VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia, the consortium of Virginia's 73 public and private, nonprofit academic libraries. Kathy earned both her undergraduate degree in Political Science and her Masters of Library and Information Science at the University of California at Los Angeles. She has worked with VIVA from its inception on July 1, 1994, and is currently responsible for managing the $13 million annual budget and all contracts as well as coordinating the services and projects of the committees. She serves on the Project COUNTER Executive Committee and also the COUNTER Board of Directors.

Ann Okerson

Special Advisor on E-Resources
Center for Research libraries
6050 S. Kenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637-2804Phone: 01-203-752-9808
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ANN OKERSON combines experience in academic library management, the commercial sector, and as senior/ founding program officer for Scholarly Communications at the Association of Research Libraries in Washington, DC. In 1996, Okerson organized the Northeast Research Libraries consortium (NERL), a group of 28 large and over 80 smaller libraries negotiating for electronic information and engaging occasionally in other co-operative activities. With special funding, she and her staff mounted Liblicense, an online educational resource about library licensing of electronic content. Its extensive annotations and links are complemented by an international discussion group of over 3,800 librarians, publishers and attorneys. She has done training of librarians around the world, both in forming consortia and in licensing. She is active in IFLA, most recently as member of the Governing Board and Chair of the Professional Committee.

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