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Mobile technologies in Libraries : Trends and practices

( This session is sponsored by Elsevier )

Today, as a result of developments and advancements in information and communication, the mobile technology becomes essential for connecting with Internet. People are currently more positive about accessing and seeking information from their mobile phones. In this dynamic setting, libraries are expected to adopt these technology applications to deliver their services and networking with their community. Information professionals also must keep abreast of this trend and integrate themselves into that.

This round table aims to give you a great learning experience about the current trends and challenges of the mobile technology applications for libraries. A number of expert and guest speakers will share their ideas and practical experiences on how libraries and information professionals can benefit from mobile technology. This session will outline these major essential mobile technologies to increase presence, networking, and services of libraries and information centers.

What will be discussed?

This session is designed to create a practical forum for delivering experiences about different mobile technology applications among information professionals. Guest speakers will share their practical solutions and strategies and provide participants with the opportunity to learn new techniques for adopting these applications in their organization. These topics are expected to help libraries and information professionals in creating value for their users.

Why Should you attend?

This event is an ideal practical and professional development platform for information professional who need to develop a thorough understanding of the terminology, concepts, and requirements of mobile technology for libraries and information professionals. This information shared through this event will help participants to:

  • Learn the QR codes and information applications.
  • Recognize the strategies of library location based social networks.
  • Explore approaches for personal knowledge management in mobiles.
  • Learn how to create library websites.
  • Identify how to create mobile catalogs.
  • Understand the techniques of building community in a mobile world.
  • Explore the concept of mobile literacy for information fluency.


Dr. Sultan M. Al-Daihani

Dr. Sultan M. Al-Daihani, Assistant Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, College of Social Sciences, Kuwait University. Dr. Sultan was the Head of the IT Unit at the College of Social Sciences. He was the SLA-AGC President during 2008/2009. In these capacities he steered of a number of professional activities. Dr. Sultan conducted a number of consultation and training workshops in the areas of e-government, electronic archiving, social networking, and e-record management. He teaches ICT-related undergraduate workshops and workshops related to digitization and digital library at the graduate level. He has published in the areas of information behavior, social networking, and use of Web 2.0 technologies. Dr. Sultan did MLIS from Kuwait University and secured his PhD from Loughborough University, UK. He can be reached by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy (http://joemurphylibraryfuture.com) is a Librarian and Technology Trend Spotter consultant helping libraries and more prepare for upcoming technology shifts. Joe is an author and editor, an international keynote speaker, and a conference organizer.

Dr. Heather Lea Moulaison’s

Dr. Heather Lea Moulaison’s primary research interests include emerging technolgies in libraries, organization of information, and digital libraries as well as cloud computing in libraries. Dr. Moulaison also has a strong interest in international and comparative librarianship, as evidenced in her ties to Moroccan and Canadian library and information science. Dr. Moulaison has published on these topics, and has presented on them at local, national, and international conferences. Echoing her research interests, Dr. Moulaison's teaching interests include courses on organization of information (including Info Org, Cataloging, Indexing/Abstracting, Metadata) and Emerging Technologies in Libraries. Dr. Moulaison earned a doctorate in Library and Information Science from Rutgers University, (USA) and an MSLIS and an MA in French, both from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA).

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